229-2 AC Leakage Current Tester – Simpson Electric

229-2 AC Leakage Current TesterTesting for dangerous small leakage currents is easy with the Simpson Model 229-2 Leakage Current Tester. For use in appliance field service, in the lab, or in production, the 229-2 approximates the human threshold of perception in detecting hazardous AC leakage current. The 229-2 comes with test leads with alligator clips, manual and batteries.

  • Checks both 120VAC and 240VAC appliances, motors and other equipment
  • Conforms to ANSI C101.1-1986 and UL safety standards
  • Overload protected up to 500V peak momentarily on all ranges
  • Compensated to approximate Dalziel's threshold of perception curve

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